TG Aviation : Trial flights and flying lessons in Kent
  • Since 1982, Thanet Flying Club has been owned and operated by TG Aviation.

    TG Aviation offers not only the best facilities in the South East of England but also the best value for money combined with the highest quality of training.

    But why take our word for it? Instead, why not pay us a visit and find out for yourself why we believe we are the best?

    Based at Manston (Previously RAF Manston) on the Isle of Thanet, TG Aviation is open 7 days a week 362 days of the year and provides one of the most highly maintained fleet of light aircraft, available for training and self hire.

    These are kept in excellent condition by our very own team of engineers. We also have a very experienced professional team of flying instructors all holding commercial licences headed by Captain Dave Henderson.

    Never flown before? Try a gift voucher or a trial flight. Or buy for the perfect gift for a loved one or friend.
  • Gift Vouchers Available